Thursday, June 26, 2008


hope yea have a great day !! ... although we aren't as close but haha who cares we can if we want to xD ... cake was on my face haha .. well yeaa

ok i don't wanna sound sad or anything but its what I'm going through .. i don't know why but i just can't act as if we are just friends .. i mean we have gone through alot .. i know i don't wanna loose you as a friend but .. it just feels weird .. i know after all the argument and even in front of the teachers .. having feelings and all .. i know you are taking the blame , its sweet and all but i feel bad ..

looking at you with your friends without me is just sad .. forgetting isn't easy .. cause i really gave it all to you .. and maybe i was a fool but its just to show that i cant forget about you.. i tried talking to you .. and we act as if we are only friends but i don't know what is there to do.. we weren't actually fighting over anything at all .. its just because you heard rumours .. i don't know whether you still feel the same way after the way i have treated you lately .. but i hope you do ..

relationships is just like a roller coaster it goes up and down .. where else in relationships there are also their ups and downs .. the longer we try to stay up the worst it becomes when it comes down .. so our argument is part of a relationship without it .. it wouldn't be considered as a relationship anymore .. so people .. i need advice now ..

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