Monday, June 9, 2008


It was so great to be back in school .. i was getting a little bit bored with the holidays .. without seeing my friends and brandon .. :P this is where all the stress is gonna built up .. with the drilling's for pmr .. hahaha and I'm still laughing xD I felt as if today past so fast .. I guess I had too much work to do that to worry about the time .. to know that i havent done anything for my sejarah project was very convincing xD .. I'm gonna get it .. after school i had cheer .. we didnt really do much other than flying .. i drop allot of times .. and i think i nearly sprain my ankle .. well thank god that didn't happen .. as i arrived home i saw my dad talking to one of the math pmr examiner .. :D haha talk to him and he was like "the paper is very easy" .. so don't worry so much hahaha .. such great advice .. anyways i didn't really do much was just doing some of the sejarah project and ate dinner .. okiee that's all I've got for today so goodnight :)

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