Friday, June 27, 2008

i know you've heard this before

weeee bored in class :P i have no comments :D i was just bored
if you people missed it this was the dare , laugh your heads off :)
ee lin tried to be a rapper xD haha

haha today was ok .. went to school and you know what .. AIMAN IS BACK xD i really thought he wouldn't come back to srikl anymore but he did haha welcome back aiman :P .. later on i met up with megan a very good friend of mine but haven't been talking to her in ages .. haha oh crap come to think of it i didn't take pictures with her .. damn .. oh well i hope she visits again .. i really wanted a picture with her .. anyways .. me and su mae like took up a dare to tie our hair into two ponytails ... hahaha i really look like some small kid xD .. memories hahaha .. we kept it on until school ends .. lots of people commented on my hair haha some says it looks funny , some says it looks cute , and well others think its a new look hahaha .. im never gonna do that again ..

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