Saturday, June 14, 2008

dummy :D

sorry for not blogging for so long xD have been really busy with my sejarah project , school work and cyrens :D anyways nothing much happen today .. i woke up and got to school by 9:00 .. then i went to have a look at how red house was doing in football .. then went up to the gym and practised .. when i got down i saw brandon :P haha he looked like some nerd xD with the specs haha then i waited in school with brandon and my friends for my mom to pick me up .. i saw zhou wei and brandon lin too with his tamakuchi or something like that ( the little game ) haha when my mom came then she talk to a parent for a very long time so i went to watch football again :P haha later when i got home i watched some tv , got online , did my sejarah project and walked my dog .. then he ran away to my neighbours house haha talked to yuhan for some time .. it was nice seeing him after a long time .. then i got home and here i am :D soo thats all for today goodnight :D

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