Thursday, May 29, 2008


watching man utd XD
by endurance we conquer :D pandaa
RED HOUSE take onee !!
RED HOUSE take two :P

i had cheer ( cyrens ) practise .. its was quite tiring .. then i went to sunway pyramid with pui yee , su mae and krystal using lynn's car .. met with the PANDA's in TGIF to have lunch .. we were watching man utd plays xD .. took a couple of pictures , then it was hunting for prita's birthday present xD .. after we left sunway .. i went to pui yee's house to take a shower before heading to the curve .. we were 1 hour early so we roamed around the curve.. but there was nothing much to see actually .. the funny thing was eelin lose rachel's birhtday card that we bought in the curve market .. and we had to buy another one again and the guy was laughing at us xD hahaha .. it was 7 o'clock as we head to prita's party .. took pictures , ate , watch performances haha and they had games .. there was one something like musical chairs but this is using a gift.. it was wild .. then lastly came to the dance.. i stayed there till 11 : 15 .. XD i was dancing with eelin , pei hsien , ter , juan , lishing , natalie , and couple of people ;P .. when i reached home i fell right on my bed and slept through the night ..

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