Sunday, June 22, 2008

leave us alonee!!

today wasn't so fantastic but it will do for a boring day .. lets see i woke up at 7:45 and got up of bed .. ding dong went up and down then my mom bug me out the house even though i wasn't well then went to the bank to help her bank in a few cheque's , got the mail for her did the groceries and yea .. although it was boring but its better than just staying home i guess .. after reading all the mail .. i found out something really gross .. although i have broken up with brandon there is no right for whoever to treat him this way .. with all your pathetic fights .. its never gonna solve anything cause I'm not going to be with you fabian .. so leave him alone .. he has nothing to do with it .. we might not be together but i still care a little for him kay ..

just leave me and him alone get it ... yeshh .. you people are so inconsiderate .. already its bad enough I'm no longer with him .. then you wanna start a stupid fight about it .. haihhhzz .. i might not be that kind of girl that starts a fight or be some sort of tomboy but i hate it when all this starts.. I'm seriously angry ..

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