Saturday, June 21, 2008

emotions rising ..

knowing that i have lost a good friend and a lover .. its sad but whoever or what gave you the idea to do this to me was wrong .. and you know that .. what i posted earlier was when i was angry , sad , unsatisfied ,and confused .. maybe its karma that's getting back to me .. knowing that i myself have done wrong in my past .. although i accept the fact that we are no longer together but deep in me misses you badly .. trying to forget about everything doesn't work overnight but its coming together i think :/ anyways thanks for all the good times that i will cherish ... and thanks to my friends that have been there for me when i wasn't myself .. thanks for trying eugene , katie , eelin for cheering me up ..

from eelin :

Hearts need a mind, like a clock needs the time.
Like white needs black, if you leave
I hope you'll need to come back.

well i hope you do till then goodbye ......... and good night

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