Friday, June 6, 2008


i got my iPhone :D yayee !! dad surprised me hehe .. then i got back together with brandon .. its was really critical.. but thanks alot :P for getting back together with me .. anyways .. i went out shopping didnt get much but i did get a couple of stuff.. all i can say is that im super happy .. i didnt do much though .. well i went to the gardens at Robbinsons .. and it was crazy cause there was this mega sale .. xD everybody was rushing for stuff from handbags , shoes , clothes , lingerie haha but the most was the men's section .. there was nothing much in the ladies section though .. i spotted this super cute pencil box from lulu but couldnt get it .. my mom thought i was crazy .. haha i also saw this nice hand bag from rocco something rocco xD ( forgotten the name ) it was nice but when i look at the price firsty it wasnt on sale , secondly because its a new arrival and third it was 300 to 400 something :P .. hehe sooo thats all i've gotta say so far.. so gd nite :D

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