Wednesday, July 2, 2008

bye bye cheer ..

my sprain ankle T.T

great just great sorry for not blogging for so long yeaa .. was a little busy but now after my little injury i wont be coming to school for 5 days .. goshh it hurts .. anyways this is what happen i went for cyrens .. then we were doing our routine's and stunts and i fell from one of the not so dangerous stunts and although it might sound stupid and funny but i landed in the wrong position that cause my ankle to have a very bad fracture .. haha thanks pui yee and nat for carrying me to the van :D appreciate it .. i was then sent to SJMC and into the emergency room .. and they nearly gave me the JAP gosh ..and i saw so many needles omg .. but i denied it hehe .. then i took x-rays and then went back to school and get my bags .. see the girls and left .. hopefully my angkle will heal till then .. kay I'm gonna take a rest now .. maybe I'll blog later

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