Sunday, June 21, 2009

i need an all-american cowboy !

lol I'm back (: . i have been going out alot ever since my cousin was around . i was suppose to go out with them today but i had my orchestra that i needed to attend . i do miss her dearly though (:

manju , me , yash (:

yesterday i went out with yash , manju , dinesh and jackson . lol we were suppose to go to an orphanage to do some charity work but didn't managed too cause somebody woke up super duper late . and found out that we didnt had transport soo we cancelled that out and went to the theatre or titer xD right manju ? lol later we went ice skating and a lil bit of shopping . it was fun though being with them . i haven't been on an outing with them like that for years .

but I'm assuming they will be back again in august . lol and my laptop is coming tomorrow ! (: super excited . my new toy (: . school will be starting in 3 weeks . I'll be waiting , this is one of the days where i get excited to go to school . new people , new teachers , new everything . lots of people told me its fun , but time consuming . ohh and i watched fighting (: the movie was just okay but the dude xD is not bad . I'll give a rate of 5 / 10

oh yea i got some pics from the diode camp ! (: lol only some but its something right ?

ducky ( wesley) , jackson , sam , me

retard but anyways

me , ducky !

all of us ! (:


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