Monday, June 22, 2009

somebody call 911 !

this is the update for 3 days ago (: i went to sunway pyramid wtih my cousins and jackson . lol i got pics . im sorry jackson but its super funny (: you cant really see the gayness xD . we went ice skating , movies then later just walking around getting stuff . i have pictures !! (: enjoy it !!

manju , me , yash (:

this is my cousin yash (: she's going back to singapore today

this is jackson and his painted nail (:

but dont worry he aint gay

oh yea yesterday i had a video call with willie last night lol he took pics without me realising xD lol soo funny ! (:

willie !

oh yea days before the outing to sunway we went to hulu langat just having a picnic by th river . its soo cool cause we're the only ones there (: it was during a weekday (:

this is my daddy ! (:

yash & i

my parents (: they're so cute


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