Monday, June 8, 2009

thinking of you you you !

havent been blogging lately well cause the main thing that there's nothing much to blog about but since im online i might as well blog . neways i went to play ping pong with a friend staying around my area for awhile then went home .

but on my way home guess what i saw !? its the most spectacular thing i have ever seen a REAL SHOOTING STAR . LIVE . gosh it was one of the greatest things that i have manage to capture. it was magical really while its falling , its was leaving behind what looks to be spakling dust behind it that shines for awhile and fades away .

its not like the picture , well its a lil fake dont you think ? but the shooting star i saw was the real thing .
you know the thing people usually do when they see a shooting star ? they sort of make a wish . well haha lets see whether it comes true now (: * wishes ( no telling what it is ) it might break its magic (:
nights ! (:

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