Sunday, June 14, 2009

leaderonomics ! ...

heyy ! im back from camp (: gosh the camp was so freakin fun . seriously . i have enjoyed it and have learned soo much . lol during my last day there . haha funny to say but this is the first time i ever cried cause im leaving all of you guys (: . well as in the people i met there . they were a great group .

neways im not gonna go into too much details in what the activities were . but the whole thing was truly inspiring . im glad my mom sent me there . i made many friends there to . haha we became that close after 2 days? pretty fast xD i willl be getting pics soon . well i hope (:
but I'm pretty exhausted from the camp soo will sleep early tonight . and further more my cousin from singapore is visiting and staying over soo i better be well not so dead till then . nights !!

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