Thursday, June 25, 2009

X's on the back of your hand !

lol im super duper extremely happpy !!! i got a sexxayyy new laptop , laptop skin anndd i engraved my name on it . im gonna show you some pics of it . damnn happy . well other than that i still havent got my violin string which my teacher kill me soon . well also looking at the bright side i am going to school 2 weeks ++ (: yayeee !!

my laptop (:
my engraved name :P

oh yea i was soo bored that i took pictures of my cat too . it was cute (: you cant deny it . well my orchestra performance is coming up so wish me luck . i have like 15 songs to play . kill me :X . MYRA'S BACK!! from aussie . lol I'm suppose to spend sometime with her before i start schooling .
she's praying to god knows who xD
in the morning my mom couldn't start the car so we jump start the car which took bout an hour cause the guards didnt know how to open the hood, went to a tyre shop and fixed it . then later we went to the immigration office and cause my mom wanted to do my maid her visa for 2 years then we had to see the pengarah . we waited in the waiting room for 40 mins and the stupid pengarah didnt wanted to see us . and sent us back to the immigration office and he told the people to tell us that he didnt want to see us . i was like WTHH !! idiot like crazy !! .anyways blog later !!
and sleeping beauty just woke up !

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