Saturday, June 27, 2009

it doesnt matter if your back or white !

here to pay a tribute to michael jackson ..

seriously his music is something different compared to other musicians .
lol have you seen his dancing ? it rocks . lots of musicians used his dance moves and his sense of fashion . well may he rest in peace , he changed alot of lives and had been an inspiration to many people . lol 2 days ago i dreamt bout him . well i don't know why but it was before i heard the news . like seriously I'm not kidding . its freaking real . lol it freaked me out when i heard the news . well things happens right ? or maybe it was just a coincidence .
lol my mom told me bout last time when she went to his concert and since she was sitting at the back seat wayyy at the back . she brought binoculars cause it was that far and her friends were like heyy is that michael jackson ? she said : yea yea . lol he is . there look at the legs move . all together scream WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON !!
thats all I've got for today . other than that I'm having my orchestra tomorrow (: wish me luck . there is so many freaking songs i hope i don't screw up . nights

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