Tuesday, June 16, 2009

you & i collide !

heyy . i still sadly haven't gotten any pics of the camp . i'll see whether i can get them soon but the pics were really funny . oh and i manage to get a few more of the charity dinner pics . hmmm i still miss the camp . darnn cant believe i cried when i left them . yeshh its like we all became soo close and knowing we're not gonna see each other for a long time . well its pretty sad .

im gonna miss you guys loadss !! hope we'll still keep in touch now and then . who knows we might plan an outing soon (: . soo make sure your schedules are free . other than that , my cousin from singapore is staying over my place for a week plus . we went to sunway yesterday , went for ice skating and omg after that like i have bruises yesh and it hurts like crazy cause of the stupid skates .

later on we watched a movie 17 again i'll give it a 7/10 its not bad actually quite hilarious . hmmm went shopping for awhile and got home . we're not going out today cause well pretty tired from yesterday but I'm gonna make my daddy a card for fathers day . this will take time but im gonna do it (: . laterr ...


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