Saturday, September 5, 2009

i want you to know !

hey im sorry for not blogging soo long (: forgive me
for these holidays i dont have that much homework so i have spare time to blog

on thursday we went for a trip to idk where but we had a scavenger hunt to do. it was pretty tiring cause it seems that my team went the wrong way lol so we had to do alot of things . some of them are really ridiculous but it was fun i guess. i'll get pics up later .

i sprain my ankle again ..

earlier today i went out with my mom to curve to get afew things and watched imagine that (: it was pretty cute really . i'll give it a 7.5/10 . haha its a good movie . (: later ate at the apartment with my parents and i dont like it . it was bad food . got home and now planning on working out (: feeling fat again haha

later !

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