Sunday, August 30, 2009

your my drug .. love

someone else has appeared from the past . . . probably its just what i need (: though your far but distance doesn't really matter as long as it keeps on going .

yesterday my family went for dinner to my cousin cousin's place (: haha had fun there , lol played with the wii (: , chat with my other cousins and camwhored ! WHO IS AWESOME NOW ! ( inside joke ) lol but pics will come in later cause its not through my phone . i have to get it form them later on . ate dinner , hang around and went back about 10:30 .

and im going to malacca soon to visit my grandparents , it seems that my poh poh ( grandma ) is not feeling too well so just going to visit and probably start eating the awesome food and will head back , and probably gonna rush doing my homework , havent really touched it yet .


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