Wednesday, September 23, 2009

baby what you see is what you get !

today i am suppose to be on vegetarian . so mommy and i went to this vegetarian restaurant and ordered is mok butter prawns , mok cod fish , some tofu and vege's haha i love the prawns though (: tastes so real . when its soo fake haha . i didnt go out today , when i was suppose to go out for shopping with my mom . it seems that no one is looking after my brother so yea .

this pic was taken a super long time ago

i still have my photography assignment to do , gah im so lazy to do it . thats bout all . till i think of something to blog bout

xoxo's !


JonyBr said...

photography assignment? tell me about it, i m very old and grumpy student heheheh with my recently bought new camera ....what u gotta do in ur assignment?

rina said...

haha yea , well the pictures i have to take have to represent change meaning like for example extreme sports im suppose to take the change in that and put in the caption . so its very complicated