Friday, September 18, 2009

run around up and down

i thought i could sleep late since i didnt have school tmrw and i would have nothing better to do the next day . soo i went to sleep at bout 12 plus ? going to be 1 i think and the next morning one my one of my family members busting in my room getting things and putting stuff in my room . here i was trying to get my sleep instead i had to get the door every time they were knocking .

while that was done , my mom wanted to go pyramid so okay we did , i met up with steph , ratri and aaron . i bumped into lots of friends in pyramid , haha was coincidence i guess (: i was there early non of the girls were there just yet soo i hanged out with aaron first . we went skating (: haha was pretty funny . then later met up with steph and ratri to watch the ugly truth i would give a rating of 8.5 / 10 . head back home , rushed for my piano & violin classes and got home . was too tired to do anything so just watched some tv and yea thats my day practically .

i had fun today guys (: we should go out more often .


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