Wednesday, September 16, 2009

evacuate the dance floor !

probably its time for change , after 8 months of my anti boyfriend phase , so far so good now just 4 more months and im home free (: . well i do admit i miss having one and all , but it provides me with less problems and complications compared to being in a relationship . well lots of my friends ask me this question really , well this is more like a confession . i really want to prove a point not only to myself but to others . i know i have been really off last year , well actually i just go with the flow with everything and just very carefree , this is how it turns out to be.

now that i've come to my senses i realized that i was really such a slut in a way , but during that time i was going through alot of things ( which im not going to explain myself ) . but its not an excuse for my doings . well now you know my reasons . its quite embarrassing admitting this on my blog but its just something that i've been keeping away from people . hope you guys understand , its up to you to trust me or not but yea . a lil more info bout me (: nights !


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