Sunday, September 27, 2009

faith is something that i want to believe in

school starts tomorrow , the funny thing about it is when school is starting i have to rush finishing my homework and stuff . thought i might not be able to finish it up but there you go its done (: went to melaka yesterday for my dad friends daughter wedding so left home at bout 6 ? reached there bout 7 plus . on the table was my uncle , 2 aunties of mine and this 2 random couple . and omg they couldnt stop talking . i was just too tired and lazy to respond and so was my mom so we kept on nodding .

when we tried to look away the couple can like wave and call me eh girl girl . i really didnt wanna talk at all . they are some quite old couple probably bout 45 plus or something . do you know what he told me ? he told me he goes to the disco last time and he had tons of girlfriends but he ended up marrying his wife cause she can cook and clean -.-'' i was like thinking in my thoughts , if your looking for a woman like that might as well marry a maid. i mean dont people marry each other cause they wanna take care and support each other . Loving one another and stuff like that but nooo because she can cook .. im speechless .

rina signing off ..

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