Thursday, September 17, 2009

waiting for new moon !

we were at the bowling alley

halfway during my math test they announced saying we're not having school tmrw ! and classes will be cut 10 mins shorter so it started out great really (: . didnt get homework from my pe and math teacher but i did get some from my science and IT teacher . so gotta finish that up so that i can go out without any worries . After that we got our sort of mid term report . lol i guess my results were okay except for my maths . im not satisfied but i'm sure i'll improve .

the funny thing is i need these pictures for science xD its my homework so yea

after school i went for bowling with mr. owen and a couple of friends at sunway pyramid . played bout 2 games and after that it was over . celine was super funny . i love the way she bowls she just throws the ball and it hits most of the pins down (: dont underestimate her . after that waited for daddy to come with aaron's company . head home , and here i am .

xoxo's !

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