Friday, September 11, 2009

i must be paranoid !

i have soo much work to do . i probably might not be resting much with all the activities that im taking , its not really helping . but anyways we had open mic after school . went to see while waiting for my mom to pick me up . lol most of them was good (:

so far i have photography , and math . though it may seem that its only 2 subjects but tons of homework was given and not only that i have to practice for drama and the school band . yes i seem like some geek (: but its okay i guess . i cant wait for the one week break that we're having . i need it before i burn out .

enough of my complains (: and i'll try to get something more interesting to blog about .



JonyBr said...

U r taking photography? that must be cool

rina said...

lol yeaa but its complicated than it sounds