Monday, September 28, 2009

i used to be love drunk ...

had school as usual , now im given tons of work to do which im not sure how im suppose to finish by the end of this week, not only that during that week i also have my quiz and tests . lol its starting to get annoying . during pe we had to bring out all the chairs , the carry each and everyone in our group with the chair around the arranged chairs and the stack them up again . lol was super tiring but fun , especially when it comes down to the heavy people :D

these are a couple of pictures of the hotel rooms we visited in sepang. It seems that their selling these rooms but it cost like from 500,000 to 3 million plus plus depending on the size of the room and the placing of the room . but the rooms are awesome . and if your not staying there they will be renting out the room for you (:

stayed back today , and was supposed to have volleyball but it was canceled so i went for band . oh yea happy birthday andrien (: i know i've wished you already but its an extra wish yea ? hang out with some friends and went home . lol edward sent me home today , havent talk to him in ages ever since he and i left srikl and was no longer in the bus . it was a fun car ride (:

rina signing off
xoxo's !

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