Sunday, September 6, 2009

200th post !!

lol that took awhile . anyways today i went out with mom to sunway pyramid , she did her things and i did mine . while lingering around the mall it seems that their having that hip hop dance auditions thingy forgotten what its actually called but anyways it was cool (: . though it was hot , sweaty , smelly and filled with people all around me but i just stayed to watch .

excuse the face . the camera is stupid.

before that i went to check out the stores to see whats new . found this cute dress but they dont have my size . im not sure if it even suits me . well give your opinion on that . later met up with mom had a drink with her and we went back home . when i arrived , changed to home clothes and bath my doggie . i got 11 mosquito bites and i smell because of you . but i still love you (: neways done that wash up a bit and here i am .

this pic is blurr but anyways this is my distant cousin ian tye ! (:

" it sucks to know that you cant count on anybody , knowing you cant love somebody , especially when the world is not alone except you "

xoxo's !