Tuesday, March 10, 2009

well 3 more days to go till mom and dad comes back .

till then i will be at home doing my own things and enjoy it while it last ?

haha . miss them lots though . i called them the other day . and they said they're

doing great and they got me stuff . so excited :D

i realize i lost contact with alot of my old friends so those of you out there

that is reading my blog ? please don't stop talking to me yea ? haha don't wanna

loose you . hmmm better start studying as i got good news from a friend saying

that my final exam will be coming in 17 more days . its suppose to be next month

i realize as i grow older and older time seems to pass by so fast compared when i was

young and when i wanted to grow up so fast and it didn't turn out to be . but for now

i want things to slow down . and give me my time . come on I'm gonna be 16 soon !

when i first saw you . my heart started to beat faster
as i walked pass you . it felt like it wasn't beating anymore
when i first talked to you . i took time to spit out the words out of my mouth
as our friendship grew stronger . you grew to like me more and so did i
when we started to be together . it felt like everything was perfect
as the relationship expand to a different level i felt that nothing can be so right
when we had our first argument . you start to show your true colours
as this continued we realize that it wasn't meant to be
but later did we know that actually we missed something out
we have to argue to stay together
like they say no pain no gain :)
nights ! xoxo's !

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