Tuesday, March 3, 2009

if i had a wish i would wish for you .

today my bro , dad and i was like arguing in the car
this morning cause it seems my bro eats too much sweet stuff .
and he seems not to care .

mom and dad might be going to taiwan for a bussiness trip
so alone at home i'll be.

anyways today was okay we did some experiments during bio
just seeing the bicarbonate indicator changes colour that's all haha
lol we walk in the park during break and the guys plays on the monkey bar lol .
( true monkeys ) xD

then went back to class . later after school omg i nearly fell down the stairs
because of 3 stupid guys . lol at least i didn't fall .
it would have been embarrassing if i did.

i have some projects to do for bio .
with the voucher that i won during the marathon
might come in handy i need it for my project anyways
lol maybe its a sign from god or something
asking me to do my work haha .

when you said you'll always be there for me
i'll know you'll be 2 steps behind .

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