Tuesday, March 24, 2009

let's start a riot !

heyy sorry haven't been blogging for awhile . well my exams are around the corner and I'm gonna start burning midnight oil :P . other than that i went to athira's house for her bday !


she was watching football !

anyways i stayed over her house and omg her cat looks like bugsy hahaha xD when i arrive i was in the pool . oh yea and athira was soo sad that day cause both her favourite football teams lost and her uncle sort of rub it in her face . lol man utd lost to fulham and chelsea lost to some team that idk .

then the next morning went to the curve with eelin , athira , krystal to watch the charms c3 competition . gosh it was cool ! there was this all boys team from thailand and they were amazing ( kinda gay ) but soo cool but they call themselves the rainbow team ! hahaha find that cool.
they even shook their booty ! hahaha . i might consider joining the charm all stars with eelin :) but need to find out some info about it first .

rainbow !! hahaa

anyways before that i went to the english arts fest thing that was happening in my school . lol i went there around 11? then i went to jades house . lol nothing happen right guys ? hahaha . * inside joke . then hang at her house and played with her doggie and her trampoline . it was fun . then i went to nahla's house and later just walk around school watching people getting ready for the event .

me , romeo and my favourite terrorist :)

you know i actually stayed for the last play which is the romeo and juliet play. hahaha . i got a pic with romeo :) haha . they whole thing ended at 11:00 when it was suppose to end at 9 . which was soo stupid and i nearly lost my voice that night . hmmm that's about all .

romeo and i

xoxo's !!

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