Sunday, March 8, 2009

because you live !

okay i didnt do much today but i did manage to finish my lung cancer project and now to finish reading a book for my book review . my birthday , myra and exam is next month . have to study . thinking of going to the gym for awhile . then might play badminton with my bro . i've gone to realize that ever since my parents left i manage to get closer to my bro . well i dont really hang out with him or talk to him much . but now i did . lol its great .

i miss cheerleading . and volleyball . gosh i bet i suck by now . but i soo wanna fly and spike hahaha . havent done that in a long time . somehow i regret changing school . haha but i cant change it now can i ? well one more month to go . come on you can do it !!!
anyways im gonna play badminton with my bro later
mwackxx !

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