Sunday, March 15, 2009

everything reminds me of you ...

i have finish reading " the gift " by cecelia ahern . and the ending was pretty sad . i actually teared up a lil . well maybe the beginning of the story is a lil boring and kinda confusing but once you reach around the middle part of the book you'll start to understand . gahh the lesson was to show that time is important . and try to spend your time with your loved ones and family .

and lets see my exam will start next week . im still thinking and havent decided on whether i want to go to form 5 or continue to stay in form 4 . it all depends . i doubt the new school would ever be ready . soo annoyed . i thought my friends how to cheer hahaa . xD who knows i might even form a team lol * wink . just thinking about it haha

so far nothing much happen in the day . kinda wasted . but anyways i'll keep an update soon . :)

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