Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the times when you just wanna dance !

today is the jason mraz concert ! gahh im not going

one of my friends from school is going . soo not fair

oh well life is never fair anyways .
this was taken during o'maths . haha
my parents confirmed with me a couple of hours ago

and yeah their leaving .
for a couple of days

so i'll be lonely . haha

i still have my doggie with me so its shouldnt be that bad

he'll protect me haha .

hmmm lets see i watch the curious case of benjamin button

lol its sweet in a way . at first its very boring . and the ending is kinda

wrong hahaa . im not gonna spoil it for you . so you watch it yourself and you'll get what i mean

but they made brad pit old . lol . he looks better at the end :D

later i went to the cd shop and my bro bought cd

and i saw the gossip girls 1st series

:( i wanna watch it though .


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