Friday, March 27, 2009

because you live !

heyy today i had my english exam and boy it was tiring . well today was kinda funny cause jade , jisoo , fahmi , faishal and i was throwing faishal shoe everywhere lol . then he balas dendam by taking my shoe . haha i was running around with one shoe . but i manage to get it back when hakim thought i was so short to reach . lol .

her cute doggie named BILLY !
then i went back to them laughing and guess what , a teacher was like what are you doing . and bla bla bla . anyways i went and took a walk with my neighbour and it went something like this .
rina : * jumping in the air " gosh how long does it take to take a picture "
sukim : " well sorry haha the picture looks funny "
rina : * turns back " why is that car like stopping there ? it seems to be staring at us "
sukim : " omg yea ! ." * slowly walks off
rina : " waitt look ! "
maria : " did i frighten you ? "

oh yeah and guys remember to turn off your lights from 8:30 - 9:30 ! its our EARTH HOUR ! this is for everyone and everybody can help save our planet earth by doing so .

xoxo's !

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