Wednesday, January 21, 2009

to the idiots !

charmainee ! i know your part of this . you dont wanna just let things go wont you ! . you and your friend cheryl . yeshhh LEAVE MEEE ALONEEE!! what the hell you want from me . and to the fake rina that has been using my name in my chat box . STOP IT ! if you want to help me stop it . your making everything worst than it is for me . further more i rarely swear .
can the fcuk , ass and kel-le guy just leave me al0ne too . you guys are the one that started all this crab . noow GO AWAY ! and winston . as much as you know, i wouldn't interfere your brother in anything at all . and i didn't do a thing . sorry readers . just some ppl is being very inconsiderate . the ppl you should blame is these 3 ppl . ass , fcuk , kel-le .
what you ppl want from me ! . i know you are just trying to ruin everything that i have . and please its not working . goshh get a LIFEE !! why must you waste your boring lives on my blog . uneducated ppl ! spend more time in school that would help you . and charmaine . for the last time i wouldnt want your freaking bf and i was nvr slapped in the first place .
can you weirdo's read this

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