Tuesday, January 20, 2009

give me something to believe in !

my day was good today . :) everything went along fine . and now i understand what the teacher was teaching me haha . xD maybe because we started a new chapter . ooh . I'm gonna see all my buddies this sat ! gosh cant wait to see them . kinda miss all of you . back to school . bm was like being in std 3 and the rest is okay , think im gonna take another language . met new ppl again . well this time ppl that i don't talk to .
there was this guy super lame .
lame guy : oh look my shoe colour is the same as yours gold and white !
rina : omgg you don't sayy ! lol
lame guy : oh look you are wearing a band on your right hand too !
rina : its a religion thing .
lame guy : same thing hahaa xD
other than that . well cant think of anything right now .
but anyways i'll blog tmrw !
nights lovelies !

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