Wednesday, January 21, 2009

leave me alone !

to the passerby . you dont know anybetter dont you dare open your big mouth . annoying as all you ppl are . i dont know why you still wanna come to my blog . go find another blog to raid . and charmaine . thanks for telling rumors to everyone of your useless friends . you wanna know why i assumed its you ? because your the only person that told a lie . if it was true i would assume it could be anybody . well at least i knew they were your friends . its much appreciated .
and to you ppl that are looking for vinod . whats the freaking point . your just trying to show that your big and bad when actually your not . your nothing without your ppl .
this blog is not for ppl like you to read . but only to those that i care for . to kel-le and the rest . you said i know you . yea right . i wouldnt wanna know a pack of losers and low life . if you claim that i know you or whatever nonscenes . well from now i will confirm with you . I DONT . and if you still continue to raid . i have no choice but to block my blog . and i promise i wont unblock it anymore .
sorry readers . dont have a choice if all these crappy ppl still want to invade my life .
please leave one more warning .


Anonymous said...

fuck you la.
seriously fuck you.

rina said...

lol whatever okay . i dont care ! what you think .

Anonymous said...

aargh, just fucking shut up already! you're making it a bigger mess you slut!