Sunday, January 4, 2009


eelins lil fish haha

the life of a fisherman

buttons !

daddy broke the chair haha

the next day we went fishing ! lol trust me i dont even know where i was haha .

but it was kinda fun . after a while it got boring . then me and lin tried to fish and eelin was soo funny the fishes that she caught started being smaller and smaller than usual xD haha and my dad broke the chair . lol this shows that he is fat haha . sorry daddy haha

there were puppies , rabbits and goat at the farm so we went to take a look . we named one of the puppies buttons . lol he was the most manja one among all of them and the cutest one too . we gave him the baby fish that lin caught and he just licked it . and the other puppy took it away from him and eat it . and its raw omg xD

later we went to batu caves . then me and lin walked up the stairs 200 plus steps haha it was a lil scary coming down though haha.

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