Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new school !

lol heyy guyss !
sorry but i need all of you that knows me to sms me your number and name :D pleasee need it badly haha . dont wanna loose contact with you now do i :)
cause i kinda lost everybody's number . so if you would please help it will do so much good . thanks :D
anyways back to my new school . its okayy i manage to meet 2 korean girls - melissa and esther , singaporean - deana and this iraq ppl they arent that bad 2 of them name amir and i forgotten the other two . lol
but so far im kinda lost in chemistry . well maybe because this is the third semester . hahaha . hilarious . hmmm i'll try to get pictures kayy . later guys .
nights !! xoxo's

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