Friday, January 23, 2009

this is the truth from what i know .

okay charmaine . i know your angry for whatever reason it is . but truthfully i wouldn't lie . why should i . you believe your boyfriend that has done so much wrong in his life and you wouldn't believe me . i admit i was with engkit but he ( your bf ) was the one that wanted to talk to me soo badly caused he misses you . i didn't want to interfere as in not even a friend thing okay . but he wanted to he says your okay with it .

the first time you ever called me a bitch was a super big misunderstanding . and this is also one of it . remember the time you admited your wrong ? you don't have to be an enemy to me you know . that's actually the first time anyone has ever called me that . he said things weren't going smoothly between you and him so he needed someone to talk to . i told him I'm busy and i wanted to spend more time with engkit and that i cant be friends when its dirturbing you this way . but he still insisted . he said till you and him are in good terms then he will stop .

this is the truth . you wanted to know right ? . have you realize that i nvr really swear? someone in this stupid world just wants to get me okay . idk why . and that person is the one that started all this crap . i talked to vinod for a super long time scolding him . he admit he send the first post but not the other one . that means someone just blackmailed him , me , eelin and myra . she nvr even send a thing and the post seems to be there . this happened to all 4 of us .

how can you explain that? tell me . i don't throw my body to any guy and i dont throw my body okay . please have some respect for me to . i nvr insulted you at all . except for the fact that your lying . the lying part you must be hearing from must be a rumor . engkit didn't regretted my relationship with him . think maturely . im not those kind of girls that would just wanna bitch and just be any sort of slut . if you really got to know me . you'll know that's untrue .

I'm not expecting us to be friends or anything but just not this way . its just not right . anyways i hope you can think straight before you make your conclusions . listen to the other party first . though your hearing from your best friend or whatever . just listen to what others has got to say . or maybe even the person involved . hope you've read everything and now i want to put these uncalled for situations aside .

make the right choice .

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Charmaine said...

i want to talk to vinod.
just talk.