Sunday, January 18, 2009

i'll give it to someone special , last christmas

sorry guys . internet wasnt working for a couple of days soo i couldnt blog . anyways . so far its been normal . school was okay . i have a new family now . :P but I'll nvr forget my old ones . hmmm so far i have been fatter than ever . better start working out all over again . I'll be visiting you guys soon :D promise !

my super big family !

my second day of school

( i think ) :D

lets see I've got a new study table and chair ! lol and remove the keyboard and table away and now my room looks so neat . love them . now I'm just praying to get a new wardrobe . need one . mine is just too full . cant fit anymore clothes .

lol do you know what i FOUND ! lol . goshh friends are gonna kill me for this but anyways . i was looking through my old photo's and i found something really interesting :D haha

let me show you :)

me and lin ( std 6 lol ) farewell party

nigel & neal


me and lin

me , shirloo and myra

me , rachel and myra

me and myra
( btw i dont know whats with me and
the devil sign haha xD )

will take more pics . :)

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