Friday, January 9, 2009

it keeps getting better

heyy darlings !

I'm back . well from piano class . school is getting better . well i got more friends now .
and i thought it would be so bad going to maz but its okay . i can live with .
lol omama , jade , deana , fahmi , faishal ( i think that's the spelling ) , sushi lol ,
amir ( iraq ) and a couple more .
didn't quiet get their names though . i got add maths homework . and believe me I'm
still cracking my head . haha . i have to start working out tmrw and go to the gym .
yesh i feel so fat . haven't been working out lately .

hmmm I'm going back to melaka for ponggal . not sure if I'm missing school or not . but trying not to though . I'm kinda lost with the subjects . i need a tutor if I'm going to take the final exam . or at least someone to teach me a couple of things to at least let me pass or get a b it wouldn't be that bad ( especially for add maths ) . hmmm there isn't much to say . i miss my srikl buddies alott ! . wanna see you guys again .

please make a date to go out . i really miss you all . i think I'm going to skip to grade 6 for violin then take the exam next year . wish me luck . and to myra . i forgive you for that day . sorry I've been that way . anyways before you go to Australia , plan one more outing for me to spend time with you . :) would appreciate it .

omama is walking on the road and

jade bangs her ! BOOM!

jade & deana
( they were playing taxi ) lol

anyways later . i gtg take my bath .

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