Monday, January 12, 2009

romeo save me , i've been feeling so alone !

sorry haven't been blogging lately lol i have nothing to blog about .
okay hmm the new school is getting better and better .
sorry guys i made you stay with me after school .
but i cant disobey my parents . its a thing that i promised .
and thanks for staying with me yeahh . your great .

anyways my dad let me drive lol xD . he said i nearly gave him a heart attack
lol he is just so worried when i drove him . lol he was like hit the breaks ! NOW!
i know what I'm doing . just that he is a lil too worried that i might scratch his car .
lol but i manage to drive ! . then there was this other car . seems that the father is teaching his son how to drive to . and I'm like COPY CAT ! the fella was following me . wthh .

it was soo cool . haha . :D i still miss myra , jimmy , william , eelin , eugene , athira , karen , prita , shirloo , siew pau 's lol , neal , nigel , andrien , rachel and the others . sorry if i didnt mention your name but practically everybody i know . well wanna see them again .

i still need help with my add maths and normal maths . yeshh don't understand the questions . well maybe its because I'm sitting for the 3rd semester for form 4 lol . but still i wanna take the final exam though . have to get ready for it .

note to self : bring food to school as the school food sucks lol . ( they are fattening )

my new toy !

eyes bags ( yeshh )


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