Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai !

happy chinese new year guys !

all the best for the year of the moo moo !

saturday :

lol i went out with myra , eelin , pei hsien , andrien , neal , nigel , john , ter , wern juan,
su mae , rachel gan , nicholas kam , dinesh and rizki

its was great to see everyone again .

will see myra in april . goshh . soo longg ! 2 months . ahhh !

we went to eat in sushigroove haha took tons of pics there

then later headed off to the arcade .

played the racing car game and the dance machine .

later we went bowling

too bad my team lost by 5 points haha

the funny thing is that i put one of my heels in eelin's bag for safe keeping

she went off early and i totally forgot about it soo i only have the other side of the heel

wthh hahaha then i borrowed nigels shoe to walk to a store

to buy slippers . then went home . :)

Dancee :)

take no . 1
( she couldnt stop laughing for some reason )

take no. 2
take no. 3

take no. 4
( i got it but blurr damnn ! )


athiraa ! hahaha

monday :

CNY !!

took a family cousin picture . real cute .

i manage to talk to most of my cousins .

and spend time with them .

too bad i cant stay long

cause my school has less holidays .
hahaha . but im gonna miss you guys.

seems like you all have grown up but im still the young one

haha most of you can drive , and bla bla bla

but i cant hahaha. oh well i'll wait till my time comes :D

got a not bad amount of ang pao this year . haha

quite HAPPY!


more cousins ! HAHA

bought this at jonker walk xD haha

kesian kena buli xD
haha he said i wouldnt dare post this haha

my cousins !

wednesday 11 :30

i started crying in the car

goshh i cried haha

she called me . talked for awhile then it was goodbye

myra is leaving and im only gonna see her in april

haha she told me not to . but i cant help myself now can

i knew myra for 7 years . and now she's gone

ahhh who is gonna annoy me when im bored.


but i do hope you have a great time there

gonna miss you lots !

come back and surprise me with your new accent xD

haha good luck ! dufus 1!!

anyways i gtg . later yeahh !


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charmaine said...

I said i want to talk to this vinod ass.