Sunday, January 31, 2010

what do you think about me now ?

just when you think everything is going so well ,
everything just fall back on you again ,
it's like having this big barrier in front of you ,
that is nearly impossible to reach.

it's sad to know that i cant see you ,
just when i thought things will go fine ,
things just seems to be in the way ,
as if its not meant to be .

things happens for a reason most of the time ,
this time, although i dont want to ,
but this keeps on appearing ,
the whole reason why i had that 1 year resolution .

its just coming back to haunt me ,
killing me not physically but emotionally ,
yes i might be some weakling to run away from the things i dont want to face ,
i was never that strong either .

i just thought well maybe this is a sign from god ,
idk its just something that i believed in ,
you have always been there not physically but virtually ,
and all this isnt your fault .

though you want me to have the best of happiness ,
idk if i could 100% guarantee you that whether your there or not ,
that i would have that happiness that you seek ,
i have been down this road before .

still dont know why i dont learn from my mistakes ,
i just thought this time it might be different ,
as stupid i may seem ,
i cant face the facts of life ...

it'll be hard for me but please dont worry bout me ...


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