Monday, January 11, 2010

i am lost in your eyes !

it's the first day of school ! well its pretty awesome but other than the fact i switch classes twice i just hoped it'll be a good semester this year . the school has changed and so did the students in it . some of the teachers are new and some left for canada . it just doesnt feel the same but well you cant stop changes . just like the school jacket that everyone is suppose to wear -.- i really wonder why they want us to look so standard . at least the jackets were the only thing that kept us unique .

anyways i'm gonna sell my grade 10 books ! anybody interested or knows a friend that needs them give me a call . cause seriously the school books are really expensive . my books still looks like its still new soo it should be fine .

Math - MPM2D
Science - SNC2D
Health ( P.E ) - PPL20 / PPL30

xoxo's !

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