Friday, January 15, 2010

where have you been all my life love ?

with that look in your eyes .. explains everything that you just wanted to say ;)

you know whats the total bummer ? funny thing is im trying to start my own cheerleading team and sadly it aint working cause for some reason the new kids in this school are a total waste . and the old students? idk shy perhaps? but i really need at least 4 more people to fill this team and once i achieve that its either cheer 2010 or cheer 2011 (:

but obviously its gonna take lots of training but its a dream to create my own team . meaning team name , cheer outfits , and come on this school needs more school spirit . seriously i miss the graduate's of sis . at least i know they are so much sporting . haihh sadly the new kids are damnn weird . as if they have a problem .

yea its their first week of school but whatever , they act like total bitches . idk why im feeling so pissed of at this but i just do . you know they practically mix around the new kids only ? but whatever who cares .

haih stress on the first week of school . well this week aint so bad ;) went to melaka for ponggal , which is in my tradition to well pray for the dead sort of . well manage to hang out with my cousins and stuff , wish her the best with her new boyfriend . will update more soon (:



SARAH...brown said...

Love the pictures.

rina said...

thanks (: