Monday, February 1, 2010

that same old broken down road ..

i was ready to face many disappointments in life, cause thats how life is .. its screwed up really .

but we still continue to live, why ? is it not to disappoint our loved ones ? cause we're just scared to die ? suffering in life is just the things that happen everyday . even now . everyday we learn from our mistakes but why didnt i ?

trying to be able to trust a person with something valuable as love is something very hard to do.
but i trust you anyways cause i know you wouldnt do anything to harm it .
but its okay, it wasn't anybody's fault .
all i know is that i gave my all and that i did try .
if it just couldn't work now maybe it will in the future .

don't feel sorry for me . cause i had the best moments of my life (:


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