Thursday, January 28, 2010

laugh , cry , sad , anger ..

Myra left to Melbourne last night, i wish her the best to not bump into those twins ;) * inside joke
the ipad looks awesome (: i roughly estimate it'll only be rm1.698 . freaking cheap for an apple that is. lets hope this shall be my new toy (:

anyways she'll be back by the time my birthday arise . AHH im soo old ! but looking at the bright side i would be able to take my licence (: now wouldnt that be awesome ! though i've got tons of homework but seriously im freaking tired . I'm literally working like a dog or something , as if i dont have a life.

well my whining isnt gonna get me anywhere so anybody wanna go out ? (: just call me yeah ? i havent watch a movie in the theatres for a long time all because of school , clubs and etc . sound like some geek seriously. Joining practically every club there is.

there's no drama
no complications
no nothing so ..
dont expect to blog bout it either.


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