Tuesday, January 19, 2010

R.I.P Pati ... I love you so much !

yesterday was suppose to be a happy occasion for all of our families. My uncle and aunty celebrated their 25 anniversary with all our families reunited and that night itself after dinner was over my grandma fell into a coma & stroke. All of us was seriously shock at the sudden cause but all we could do is wait to find what the doctors could tell us. My eyes were swollen that night due to the crying that i cant seem to stop.

You have been a wonderful grandma, someone so patient, kind, caring, humble and the list goes on. Though i really want to see you before your gone, i just couldnt stand to see that your gonna go. In me i still felt as if your still here, that your sitting in that chair beside the kitchen watching tv. My heart fell to the ground to see you faint. i could barely hold myself together.

how am i suppose to continue my life when i know the people around me will die one day ? i cant handle that kind of thing . im just too weak to know that your gone forever, you lived a good life i must say. I just hope you'd be there in the heaven's above if there is one.

R.I.P Pati

i love you so much, in our memories always ...


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