Tuesday, November 10, 2009

your just as good as a bottle of wine ..

funny thing bout today is that i have develop a liking towards this song (: its super cute haha idk why especially the music video .

gee - girls generation

other than that i have nice pictures from the SIS idol during my performance (: and 2 pictures from the outing with wan en .

ever wonder why i never really blog bout personal stuff ? well i have been misjudge by others most of the time even though this is my blog . i mean i read tons of other blogs and they have the guts to say what they want in their blogs but i always had this thing where i care bout what others say .

probably i just dont have as much guts as those other bloggers do . and most of them are girls anyways i never know the type of people reading my blog . but ever since im in SIS i never really had this problem unlike in srikl . you can say im much less stressful in that manner.

tong hua ! :D

i guess you can say its a big change compared to srikl . there are it's good's and bad's but its not as bad as srikl . although the school is in a basement which is kinda sad but other than that the teachers , students and most of the facilities as great . just the fact that we dont have a sports day is frustrating . these are my last 2 years in high school . would love to set the first record in SIS if we ever have a sports day.

with eejin and wan en

the groupie (:

sometimes i wonder will you be by my side through the bad times too ? ..

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